Real Estate Lawyers in  Las Vegas 

In legal terms, you are not required to have a real estate lawyer when buying or selling a house. However, doing so has many advantages that you should not wish to miss. Involving a real estate lawyer in these transactions will make sure that you fully understand the implications of the transaction. For since, if you buy a house with defects, the lawyer will help you understand legal consequences of the same.  A case can be if you buy a house that has defects to do with air conditioners and other systems that are required to be in thief right conditions by the law. If you do so, you may be liable for the damage that happens and fails to get insurance for the occurrence of an insured risk. The lawyer who was present in the transaction can help you file a case against the seller who gave misleading information that has cost you financially or emotionally.  Learn more about Simon Law LLC, go here. 
If you buy or sell a house that has third party\parties, you are safe if you have a lawyer. Such a case is when you buy a house that has current tenant occupants. The only way to be safe in this case is to have a lawyer who will help you understands the terms of the sale, terms of the tenancy, transfer of ownership and how the three will integrate without conflicts.  The lawyer will help you draft some proposal to the seller with inclusion to the tenants as this can become a point of reference should you face legal disputes with the tenants in the future.  Find out for further details on Simon Law LLC  right here. 
There are houses that have some terms that can affect your ownership of a bought house. Things like concessions can be a thorn if you don't fully understand them. The real estate lawyer performs a title search and covenant search to determine whether there are covenants that involve the use, transfer, and sale of that piece of land or home.  With this information, you can avoid engaging in possible legal tussles with the covenant parties. 
The real estate lawyer will make sure that you are not overcharged for a house. They have information on the going rates in the industry. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you can allow the lawyer to help you with such issues. You may have to pay the real estate lawyer and the real estate agent. Take a look at this link  for more information.